Has a part of your body ever gone under extreme pain? Pain relievers just do not work anymore. Some opt for newer and natural methods of relieving body pains. One of these methods is the acupressure therapy, which is derived from the words “acupuncture” and “pressure. ” the acupressure therapy method is a tcm (traditional chinese medicine) practice that is similar to acupuncture. The only difference is that needles are eliminated. Rather, acupressure is all about applying physical pressure to particular acupuncture points. The elbow, hand and other objects may be used to apply pressure manually.

It is an ancient art of healing wherein the pressured key points stimulate the self-curative capabilities of the body. And when pressed, the muscular tension are being released and the normal circulation of blood. The body has fourteen acupuncture points or the “meridians”, which carry the energy all throughout the human’s body. The meridians start from the fingertips, then connects to the brain and once again connects to the organ linked with a certain meridian. There are two techniques used in acupuncture therapy, namely the jin shin and the shiatsu. The jin shin technique is about applying gentle pressure in a certain point for some time. On the other hand, shiatsu, or sometimes called the shiatsu massage, is more common and makes use of firm and vigorous pressure. The acupressure therapy method deals with every aspect of a person – the emotions, body, mind and spirit all as a whole.

The traditional chinese medicine’s acupuncture method is slowly taking over the scientific method, which then leads to receiving of numerous criticisms based from scientific ideas. They believe that there is no logical or anatomical basis for the existence of the so-called “acupuncture points” or the meridians. However, acupuncturists recognize the concept of tcm as functional instead of structural terms, such as being helpful in guiding the evaluation of patients. As cited in some neuro-imaging research, there are some acupuncture points that have noticeable effects. While there are loads of scientific data that proves the effectiveness of acupuncture, the acupressure method was disregarded after the chinese discovered more technological innovations by using electricity, cigar fire, laser rays and needles. Nevertheless, acupressure remains the most effective way for self-treatment of diseases that is related to tension by using the hands. Acupressure therapy is renowned because it is natural and has numerous advantages. Probably the foremost of all these advantages is that it is safe and has no side effects. You can do it on your self or on others. And if it is your first time to do it, all you need to do is follow the instructions and watch out for the cautions. Since there are no drugs needed, you can neglect any worry you feel about the side effects brought by drugs.