Sujok Therapy is a precious contribution in the history of medicine.

The eminent scholar, scientist, and philosopher, Prof. Park, Jae Woo, worked over many years to carry out the task of developing this precious contribution to medical history. The Sujok Treatment System, which he developed, is the result of comprehensive research on the correspondence systems of the human body as found on the hands and feet. Thus, Sujok therapy springs from the observation of the similarity of areas of the hands and feet to the human body as a whole. Numerous research and clinical tests by scientists at research institutions, physicians specializing in alternative medicine, and ordinary people at home have proved the interaction between the hands and feet and the influence of activity on these areas on the whole organism.

If u have any problem or pain, whatever or how big the problem or disease may be…

Just press the corresponding point representing the organs with a Probe

find a pain point which is most painful, when u have found just do the follows:

1. Massage it with a probe for 3-5 mins for your surprise the pain will disappear in mins.

2. If u feel the point very painful to massage place an Ice cube wrapped inside a cloth and keep one full ice cube until the pain subside, use this method especially for joint and back pains (During Inflamation)

3. SEED THERAPY to apply seeds like pepper, methi (fenugreek) along the pain point and wrap it with a medical paper plaster along the pain points in two rows

4. Combining Sujok and TOUCH THERAPY (reiki, pranic healing,quantum touch,etc) if u dono touch therapy just keep your finger over the area concentrate on the part on the body (silently breath deeply), do this whenever you are free, this will also help to heal the problem

5. TWIST THERAPY. just twist the joint of the corresponding finger in clockwise for 30 seconds softly and hold it then in anticlockwise for 30 seconds and hold it then bend the finger forward and twist and backward and twist and hold for few seconds. pull the finger and twist then push or compress your finger and twist (TWIST UNTIL YOU ARE COMFORTABLE STOP IF IT PAINS, JUST A LIGHT TWIST IS ENOUGH) this will give you immediate result for joint pain